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And So Enters Spring!

New Menu Ideas using only fresh products from farm to table. Only from The Ontario Food Terminal

It’s Spring and we love to think about the freshness of the season. It’s a time where hibernation from our long, long winters comes to an end and people and the city around us come back to life.

Even though it seems that winter wants to liger for a few more weeks. There is a renewed sense of happiness everywhere.

Spring brings back the delight of farmers markets and our local suppliers providing the freshest of their products.

We love to add different menu items that will fully utilize all this season has to offer; Asparagus, Strawberries, Fiddleheads and more. We hope you enjoy this season as much as we do and the food even more.


  • Asparagus – green & white asparagus, lemon zest, drizzled with Italian olive oil

  • Smoky Potato Salad – baby new potatoes, smoky corn, red onion & torn fresh basil in a Greek yogurt dressing

  • Strawberry, Cucumber & Spinach Salad with toasted sesame seeds in a Dijon vinaigrette

  • Farfalle with fiddleheads & leeks with goat’s cheese & toasted pine nuts

  • Rustic Pizza – caramelized onion, Italian sausage & arugula or grilled chicken, pesto & cherry tomatoes on our homemade pizza dough. A perfect Friday Treat!

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